What are SARMs? (part 2)

SARMs Reviews – types from survey

There are many different types for various reasons with the explanation coming up shortly. Below is a summary of just some of the many kinds that have demonstrated benefits and the specific side effects that were found in our study.

SARMs results have been scored out of five for strength, fat loss and suppression with one being least effective and five indicating a significant change.

Andarine (S-4)

Proven to be effective as a treatment for muscle wasting in trials and my research. Andarine is effective for fat-loss but is very likely to cause vision impairment with 70% of users reporting considerable temporary impairment including lack of night vision, seeing a yellow tint or a spectrum of colours during the cycle.

Andarine competitively blocks the binding of dihydrotestosterone to receptor targets in the prostate gland and selectively targets androgen receptors in the body, therefore stimulating muscle growth. Andarine reportedly has a ‘drying’ effect on the muscles and potent fat metabolising effects which gives a defined physique and are popular amongst bodybuilders during phases of a restricted diet.

  • Strength improvement: 3/5
  • Fat-loss: 3/5
  • Suppression: 2.2/5

Ideal for cutting

Ostarine (MK-2866)

Developed by GTx, Inc. It has become widely available under the name Ostarine. It is potent and efficient at reducing muscle wasting, repairing tissue and improving bone density. Notable Ostarine MK-2866 side effects include dry mouth, increased body temperature and issues with sleep which affected 5% of people.

Ostarine binds to androgen receptor cells and facilitates the protein synthesis process allowing muscle tissue to build and prevents any restriction on the amount of muscle tissue formed.

  • Strength improvement: 3.5/5
  • Fat-loss: 2.8/5
  • Suppression: 1.6/5

Ideal for lean muscle

Notable cases of professional athletes using Ostarine

Tim Means, a UFC fighter was pulled from a fight in 2016 after testing positive for Ostarine.

Lucian Bute, former super middleweight world titleholder tested positive for Ostarine in 2016.

Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

Undergone human trials and currently in phase 2 of research. This SARM seems very promising at improving muscle mass with the only particular side effect being increased appetite which may not be a bad thing if you’re looking for size – not ideal for cutting.

  • Strength improvement: 3.5/5
  • Fat-loss: 2/5
  • Suppression: 2.3/5

Ideal for size


A steroidal SARM that is currently no longer in development by the companies that collaborated. In trials, it demonstrated a tendency to increase liver enzymes which suggested it was possibly causing liver damage. I found it was the only SARM to increase water retention significantly.

  • Strength improvement: 3.5/5
  • Fat-loss: 2.5
  • Suppression: 2.1

Testolone (RAD140)

Has been shown to be effective at increasing strength but was the most suppressive in the survey. Currently, under development by Radius Health Inc, It was also the only SARM to improve overall wellbeing during the cycle.

  • Strength improvement: 3/5
  • Fat-loss: 2/5
  • Suppression: 3/5

Ideal for those who do not enjoy having a healthy level of testosterone.

Why are there so many types?

With the rise in popularity of SARMs, many pharmaceutical companies have been commissioned to develop their product. Companies such as Ligand Pharmaceuticals, GTx, GlasoSmithKline, Merck, Viking and even Johnson & Johnson are getting involved in the research. Their aim is a little different to yours, however, as you want to get shredded. There’s no shame in that. You’re in the right place.

What are the best for muscle gain?

In our survey, only two males out of 100 reported seeing no improvement from taking SARMs. The best SARMs for bulking appear to be Ostarine or LGD-4033

LGD-4033 average dose 5mg at a cycle of 4 weeks and Ostarine 25mg at a period of 6-8 weeks

What are the best for cutting?

Due to their effectiveness at reducing muscle wasting, Andarine or Ostarine appears to be the most popular for maintaining muscle while on a cut.

What to consider when buying SARMs

Before you do

If you want to give them a try, as mentioned above, make sure you have reviewed and accepted the following:

  1. Your training has reached a plateau, and you need a significant boost
  2. Your diet means that you hit your macronutrient targets every day
  3. Fatigue is holding you back from achieving new personal bests

Pills or liquid form?

Personally, I prefer pill form because they’re designed to be broken down over a longer period by the gut and are much more convenient, not to mention that it tastes a lot better than the conventional method of drinking liquid variations. The other standard method is injecting which can be tricky to get right without proper guidance. Whatever you choose, it’s up to personal preference!

Should I use a SARMs stack?

The idea of a stack is to take a range of supplements that complement each other by providing something that the other supplements don’t. For any beginner, I would recommend avoiding stacking, however, for more seasoned users, a stack has been shown to be slightly more effective at building strength.

I believe many websites will offer a bundle as a way of upselling. Taking just one type will lead to impressive gains in strength and fat-loss however!

*Based on survey data conducted in February 2017

How to prepare for a cycle

The best SARMs for sale come with clear and detailed instructions. If you haven’t received any, part three has been made to help you get the most out of your cycle.


You’ll need to understand what cycling is and what dose/length of a cycle is right for you. Cycling is the practice of taking performance enhancing supplements for a period then giving your body time to recover from the artificial fluctuations naturally.


Figure out if you’re going to implement PCT – have this ready and on standby. You may not need PCT, but SARMs will suppress your testosterone production, whether it’s temporary or not will depend heavily on your age and the cycle you’re running.


Appreciate that performance enhancers will not make you buff on their own. Plan and stay strict, especially with your diet. As your body reacts, you may feel a lack of appetite, but this should not put you off from sticking to your diet. Without nutrition, you will see minimum gains.


Make the most of the cycle by upping the intensity of your training. Train hard, but train safely. With the improved vigor and strength, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself. Keep your form tight and avoid injury because that heightened energy won’t be here to stay post cycle – especially if you feel suppressed.

Are they for you right now?

Thousands of people each month research SARMs and consider taking them without looking at the facts or assessing their current level of fitness.

If you want to give them a try, make sure you have reviewed and accepted the following:

  1. Your improvement in strength has reached a plateau, and you need a significant boost
  2. Your reaching your macronutrient targets every single day without fail and are not improving
  3. You cannot naturally increase the intensity of your training anymore due to fatigue
  4. You’re over 21 – it’s not worth messing with hormones when you have plenty coursing round the body

Being unsure of any of the above can indicate that you shouldn’t be taking performance enhancers just yet – this is because your body still has the capability to improve naturally. Only when you cannot improve anymore would I suggest considering taking performance enhancers.

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