SARMs: Osterine Review

Osterine is one of the most popular SARMs available today. R2 Research Labs conducted a survey and 34.4% of respondent’s had taken Osterine. Osterine was the second-most popular SARM in our survey. This was either on its own or as part of a stack. This write-up evaluates the research and draws conclusions based on findings.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • What makes Osterine such a versatile compound
  • Whether Osterine is better taken on its own or as a stack
  • Lessons learnt from those who have taken Osterine before

Key Findings:

1. No Improvement – 5. Significant Improvement

  • 96.9% of people reported an improvement in strength and a higher rate of fat loss.
  • On average, users reported a “considerable” improvement in strength and a “noticeable” amount of fat-loss.
  • 84.4% said they would take Ostarine again.
  • The average cycle to see results was 20mg for 8 weeks.
  • From the gathered data, there is a trend that taking a higher dosage (25mg) results in higher gains in strength (at the cost of increased side effects) but there isn’t a significant trend between longer cycle length and better results.
  • Other reported benefits that weren’t listed in the survey was significantly improved recovery time.
  • Suppression was the most common side effect, with 8 users reporting a noticeable effect on their testosterone levels, however, 60% of respondents said they did not require PCT.

How This Review Was Carried Out

We created an on-going survey with 93 respondents and 32 of which had reported taking Osterine. Those who took the time to fill out the survey were asked a variety of questions including their experience of benefits and the side effects.

Some correlations have been drawn up with some spill over into other SARMs such as Andarine, LGD-4033 and RAD140. Careful consideration has been taken to try to draw as many conclusions from this data as possible without any researcher bias with the aim to help inform those interested in taking SARMs.

The answers to most questions were quantitative for example, “what, (if any) improvement to strength did you see?” the answers were:

  1. No Improvement/Did Not Affect Me,
  2. Slight Improvement/Change
  3. Noticeable Improvement/Change
  4. Considerable Improvement/Change
  5. Significant Improvement/Change

The survey did include qualitative answers as well that were open-ended for users to share more detailed experiences.

Is Ostarine better taken on its own or as a stack?

We separated the results of this sample into those who had taken Osterine exclusively and as part of a stack. A “stack” is a combination of SARMs which are complimentary to one another. Because SARMs have similar functions, we reported in our SARMs guide that stacking wasn’t advised at this stage. However, survey results show that a stack may provide slightly better results at the cost of more noticeable side effects. Osterine taken on its own will provide the user with noticeable benefits when

This survey suggests that the user will experience noticeable strength improvement and increased fat loss.

Luckily, our sample size was split evenly between those who used Ostarine exclusively and as part of a stack so we had two equal groups. For where I have omitted the details on the Y axis, 1 = no improvement and 5 = significant improvement

Stacking SARMs seems to result in a marginal improvement in strength, mobility and libido. Looking at the side effects, it’s more likely to lead to vision impairment (only if you take with Andarine), suppression, acne, unwanted hair and low libido*.

1 = No Effect

5 = Significantly Affected The User

*Many reported higher libido at the start of a cycle and considerably lower libido towards the end of the cycle.

Stacking With Andarine


Combining Osterine and Andarine appears to lead to significantly better strength and mobility improvement as well as marginally increasing fat loss. This sample was taken from those who were taking Osterine with 10-20mg of Andarine for a minimum of four weeks.

Side Effects

Vision impairment is much more likely when taking Andarine. It’s the only SARM we’ve found to cause this effect. Impairment can be anything from seeing a yellow tint to night blindness.

Stacking With LGD-4033


This was fairly surprising as LGD-4033 is renowned for its strength enhancing properties. This sample was taken from those who were taking Osterine with 5-10mg of LGD-4033 for a minimum of four weeks.

Side Effects

Stacking With Andarine & LGD-4033


Side Effects

It appears that Osterine, Andarine & LGD-4033 together provides significant improvements in strength at the cost of significant side effects.

Stacking With RAD140


A marginally better rate of fat loss but other than that, it doesn’t seem to provide many additional benefits. This was users taking at least 10mg for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Side Effects

Though interesting enough, people reported experiencing fewer side effects when stacking with RAD140.

Things We Learnt From This Survey

When asked:

Would you do anything differently next time?

15.6% said they would get blood tests to check testosterone levels both pre and post cycle.

Some other comments in this section:

  • Larger dosage (respondents who had taken 10mg-15mg of Osterine)
  • Older respondents said they would implement PCT

Do you require PCT?

  • 25% of people implemented PCT into their cycle.
  • 15.6% wasn’t sure whether they needed PCT
  • 60% did not require PCT

Did you experience any other benefits not listed?

  • Improved recovery time was the most common
  • Improved sleep

Did you experience any other side effects not listed?

  • Dry mouth & headaches were common
  • One user experienced increased anxiety

Duration vs Dosage – which is more important?

If You’re Just Taking Osterine

Using this information we can ascertain that higher dosages lead to exponential benefits. The results of this survey suggest that higher dosage and longer cycle lead to significant strength benefits but not much else. These findings support the claim that higher dosage and a longer cycle will lead to higher suppression.

How Long To See Results?

According to this survey, 25mg for a minimum of 8 weeks should provide the user with a noticeable increase in strength and improve the rate of fat loss.

Evaluation & Conclusion

Research Limitations

Some major limitations of this research include the perception of significance. What may have been a “considerable” change to one person may have been a “significant” change to another.

Without a control group, it’s hard to compare what effects SARMs actually had.

Without contextual information, it’s hard to state what an “improvement” is. For example, those who said they improved in strength may have recently started working out or were gaining significant strength boost due to diet, working out or other stimulants.

The group isn’t statistically representative of certain demographics. Due to the limited sample size of 32, there was a wide variety of users in different age brackets and a lot of contextual questions still left unanswered, e.g. details of diet and intensity of workout routine.

It’s unclear the quality of the product that a respondent had taken.


Despite the limitations, there is correlative evidence that Osterine has a noticeable impact on a users strength and can increase fat loss considerably. Stacking SARMs is more likely to lead to significant benefits at the cost of a higher likelihood of side effects. Those aged 25 and above were much more likely to experience significant testosterone suppression, though this isn’t enough to put the majority of people off from taking Osterine again.

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